Rec Brochure Advertisements

Get your business name and logo in front of more than 20,000 potential customers in Broomfield and surrounding areas by advertising in the Broomfield Recreation Brochure. Fill out the form below by Dec. 23.

The full color, heat-set printed Recreation Brochure is published and mailed twice a year; Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The brochure includes department information, programs, activities and special events.

Questions? Please contact Danielle Underwood at or 303-464-5177.

Please reserve your ad and send in your artwork by 12/23/2016. We will contact you to collect payment by 1/9/2017.

Deadlines: 2017 Spring / Summer
(covers April - August)
2017 Fall / 2018 Winter
(covers September - March)
Reserve your ad: 12/23/2016

Size & Rates:
W x H One Issue Two Issues (15% discount)
1/8 page (3.5 feet' x 2 feet') $155 $263.50
1/4 page (3.5 feet' x 4.5 feet') $236 $401.20
1/2 page (7.1875 feet' x 9.625 feet') $310 $527
Full page (7.1875 feet' x 9.625 feet') $466 $792.20
Full page inside front cover $929.90 $929.90

Brochure Circulation:

More than 20,000 copies of each issue are printed and distributed, 17,500 are mailed directly to residents in Broomfield and surrounding communities.

Brochure Format:

8 1/4 feet' x 10 3/4 feet', full color printed on 50# offset, 76-94 pages, saddle stitched, front & back 70# full color glossy cover.

Ad Format:

Full CMYK color, non-bleed, print-ready art.

Reserve your ad now by filling out this form and sending in your artwork by Dec. 23!